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Mepal is there in the kitchen...

With our storage boxes, our little waste bin for your kitchen and off course with our dinnerware and sturdy bowls. Feel free in your own kitchen with Mepal's products. 


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... for your favorite lunch...

Tasty sandwiches, a lovely salad or that nice soup from yesterday. Mepal has the right solution to take your favorite meal with you. Enjoy, where ever you want! 


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...and for on the table

If you don’t know us from our school products, then you will know us from our dinnerware. You will recognise its timeless design, know that it’s practically indestructible and very easy to take along.

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Dinnerware: since 1976

It would be fair to say that our dinnerware has become a real classic. You see we have been making it since 1976. In all those years we have gained a lot of experience and are aware of all the demands you have regarding your dinnerware. How strong it should be and how safe. And we know it should be easy to take along. We have taken everything into account and now all you have to do is choose the colour and print you want to pack.

Watch our camping dinnerware

Take it along, mix , ready!

Mix your fresh yoghurt with granola or homemade  soup with croutons on site: the big advantage of the lunch pot! Two smart compartments, one sturdy pot. Use the top part for dressings, muesli, croutons or fresh fruit and the bottom part for soup and your favourite dairy products. The two lids keep everything nicely separated, easy as that.

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A beautifully set table

Did we mention that the Cirqula has many different purposes? You can store food in it and then heat it up again. The Cirqula is also a fabulous serving bowl. For tasty beans, your pasta salad or that lovely fragrant jasmine rice. For a beautifully set table in an instance!

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Mepal makes it easy

You probably know all about it: however hard you try, your kitchen drawers stays messy. Little packages and sachets and pots and boxes all jumbled up. The Modula seven piece set will put a stop to this! All your stock can be placed in them and then neatly stored away. Even inside the drawer you will be able to check your stock, thanks to the transparent lid. Choose an entire set and you will be organised at once. 

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Easy storage

Whether you are looking for a small or large storage box, a cheese box, a cold cuts box or tea box, we have them in all shapes and sizes. Mepal offers a range of storage solutions, like the well known Modula, Modul and Stora storage boxes. But also storage boxes for bread, coffee pads, cake, rusks and crisp bread.


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All storage boxes

Take a closer look

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set cirqula 4 pcs (350+750+1250+2250) - nordic blue
7 Colours


Fruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic red
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Fruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic greenFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic denimFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic pinkFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - WhiteFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic red
5 Colours
Lunchbox Take A Break Large - Nordic Denim
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Lunchbox Take A Break Large - Nordic GreenLunchbox Take A Break Large - Nordic DenimLunchbox Take A Break Large - Nordic PinkLunchbox Take a Break large - WhiteLunchbox Take a Break large - BlackLunchbox Take a Break large - LimeLunchbox Take a Break large - SilverLunchbox Take a Break large - AquaLunchbox Take a Break large - Nordic red
9 Colours
lunch set campus (pu+lb) - animal friends
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lunch set campus (pu+lb) - animal planet tigerlunch set campus (pu+lb) - unicornlunch set campus (pu+lb) - redlunch set campus (pu+lb) - limelunch set campus (pu+lb) - greenlunch set campus (pu+lb) - pinklunch set campus (pu+lb) - turquoiselunch set campus (pu+lb) - bluelunch set campus (pu+lb) - frozen sisters foreverlunch set campus (pu+lb) - shimmer & shinelunch set campus (pu+lb) - tropical flamingolunch set campus (pu+lb) - animal friendslunch set campus (pu+lb) - carslunch set campus (pu+lb) - animal planet pandalunch set campus (pu+lb) - my horselunch set campus (pu+lb) - star warslunch set campus (pu+lb) - ultimate spidermanlunch set campus (pu+lb) - avengerslunch set campus (pu+lb) - miffylunch set campus (pu+lb) - lamalunch set campus (pu+lb) - doodle
21 Colours

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