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  • Mepal
  • On the table

On the table

Enjoying good food together when out camping, at dinner parties in the garden, or when having a lovely meal with the children. These situations require dinnerware that looks smart and can endure rough handling. And which is available in different colours and refreshing designs. Mepal has it all. For plates, cutlery, glasses and bowls. Indestructible stuff, that looks really great and is easily stackable. Enjoy!

On the table
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A beautifully set table

Did we mention that the Cirqula has many different purposes? You can store food in it and then heat it up again. The Cirqula is also a fabulous serving bowl. For tasty beans, your pasta salad or that lovely fragrant jasmine rice. For a beautifully set table in an instance!

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50 jaar servies

Dinnerware: since 1976

It would be fair to say that our dinnerware has become a real classic. You see we have been making it since 1976. In all those years we have gained a lot of experience and are aware of all the demands you have regarding your dinnerware. How strong it should be and how safe. And we know it should be easy to take along. We have taken everything into account and now all you have to do is choose the colour and print you want to pack.

Watch our camping dinnerware

Completes every table

Always looks lovely, a butter dish. It completes every dinner table. Not to forget the advantages: You don’t have to unwrap the paper from the butter which means clean hands. Handy: a packet of butter fits perfectly into it. 

find your colour

Always nice and fresh

This is not just any little pot. This is a handful of fresh basil for over your pasta or a twig of fresh mint to make tea. With this pot you will always have something to put on your window sill or on your kitchen counter to spice up your meal. Handy: Add water just once every three days. That’s simply all it needs!

watch the herb pots

Mepal is not just for on the table