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On the go

You want to take good care of yourself. Enjoy lovely food and drinks wherever you are. Thanks to our products for on the go, everything will stay nice and fresh when you are away from home. From handy drink bottles to smart lunch boxes. For at work, in the train or at a spontaneous picnic. In order to live a healthy lifestyle you really want to be in charge of what you eat and drink. So, from now on, take along that fresh homemade salad, beautiful, wholesome sandwiches or a that rich vegetable soup you made yesterday.

Everything for a drink and bite on the road
Moments on the go

Mepal at work

Allow yourself some time to relax during a busy day at work. Enjoy a well deserved lunch. With tasty sandwiches, a salad or maybe some leftovers from last night’s dinner. We will make sure that your lunch stays nice and fresh, all you have to do is enjoy it.

our lunch boxes
Moments on the go

On a trip

When you are on the go, on the train, or on the road, enjoy your little snack, lunch or drink thanks to Mepal. Our products are all leak proof and can endure rough handling. So you can easily take it with you, no problem. Of course all al products are BPA-free and can simply be placed in the dishwasher after use.

Our water bottle
Momenten onderweg

At a picknick

Spend some time together in the park. A bag filled with scrumptious treats and simply enjoy. Each other’s company, the surroundings. Feeling playful, staring into each other’s eyes. Those lovely snacks will still be as tasty in an hour. We will play our part by making sure that our handy leak proof boxes keep everything nice and fresh for you.

our salad box

Take it along, mix , ready!

Mix your fresh yoghurt with granola or homemade  soup with croutons on site: the big advantage of the lunch pot! Two smart compartments, one sturdy pot. Use the top part for dressings, muesli, croutons or fresh fruit and the bottom part for soup and your favourite dairy products. The two lids keep everything nicely separated, easy as that.

check out the lunch pot
Onderweg visual shopping
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love your sandwiches?

Mepal knows what you need! Our lunch boxes, in different sizes, are spacious enough to fit many sandwiches with tasty fillings. Something else to go with that? In no time, the handy divider creates room to add fresh vegetables, fruit or other snacks. 

watch all lunch boxes

Choose between hot or cold?

do you sometimes like to eat a hot meal at work, but also love salads? Then too, Mepal can help out. You see, our lunchbox duo can provide for both! Sufficient room for a large salad and the bottom part can be placed in the microwave. Very handy for when you feel like eating last night’s leftovers. 

watch the lunchbox duo

Not a day without salad?

Can you not go a day without a delicious salad? Check out our salad boxes. Nice and spacious, so that it can fit a large meal. Of course they are leak proof and come with a handy mini box, in which you can carry a dressing or pine nuts. 

watch the salad box
gemak ellipse

The advantages of a water bottle

That you need to store away a bottle left open is something you no doubt already know. But then where do you leave the cap? We thought of that! You see the loop to hold your Ellipse water bottle is useful for another reason. It is large enough to pull over the opening of the bottle. This allows the cap to stay attached to the bottle even when it is stored away. Handy, as you won’t lose it that way!  What else makes it unique? The Ellipse water bottle is the only bottle that can hold carbonated drinks.

watch the water bottle

What will you take along?