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Header Mepal pro

The sustainable alternative for one way packaging

We proudly present: Mepal Pro. Reusable bowls and coffee cups as the alternative for single-use plastic. A product line that was born out of our passion for keeping food fresh and serving food and beverages.

Mepal Pro: durability, functionality and design, intertwined for the ultimate eating and drinking experience. Switch now to Mepal pro.

Specifically for commercial use

Mepal Pro products have been developed with attention to detail, specifically for commercial use. Made from a premium-quality material that allows a high number of use cycles. Leakproof and pleasant to use. They're suitable for freezing and reheating and can be cleaned in industrial dishwashers. They're also stackable and nestable for compact storage. Convenience – that's what it's all about.

professioneel gebruik
Mepal pro

Industrial use

Mepal Pro has an extra long life. The coffee cups and bowls can be cleaned and reused around 300 times. The exact amount of use cycles depends on the intensity of usage. Mepal Pro can be used to heat up and freeze and cleaned in industrial dishwashers. The coffee cups, as well as the bowls are easily and compact stackable.

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Mepal pro

Function & form

Mepal Pro allows you to serve your dishes in a high-quality bowl, giving your customer the ultimate packaging option in take-away and on-the-go dining. Offer your customers a superior experience, time and time again. Switch to Mepal Pro.

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Mepal pro


Customise possibilities. With its timeless design, Mepal Pro will complement any look, and there are plenty of options for customising the bowls to match your unique house style.

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Reduce, re-use & recycle

The Mepal Pro coffee cups and bowls replace single use plastic currently used in hospitality and company canteens. Through the usage of Mepal Pro products, garbage is reduced. The coffee cups, bowls and lids can be used again and again and are 100% recyclable. The products are made in the Netherlands. That shortens transport routes and minimalizes CO2 emissions.

circulair design


Mepal Pro offers the sustainable alternaive for single-use plastic. With Mepal Pro, you take a step towards the direction of a sustainable future.While developing Mepal Pro, the professional environment and the ultimate dining experience were an important starting point. Our customers are happy to tell us how they experience the products and the cooperation with Mepal.


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A brief overview of the Pro-line

The Mepal Pro bowls have a visibly superior quality and are pleasant to hold. The meal bowls are easy to open and close and are perfectly stackable. Because of the transparent lid you can see the content of the meal bowl in 1 glance.

Pro-lijn in het kort

Meal bowl 500 ml

This meal bowl is ideal for soup or noodles.

  • Material: pet | pp
  • Weight: 130 gram
  • Size: 125 x 130 x 80 mm
Pro-lijn in het kort

Meal bowl 750 ml

This meal bowl is ideal for a poke bowl or grilled vegetables.

  • Material: pet | pp
  • Weight: 185 gram
  • Size: 165 x 170 x 70 mm
Pro-lijn in het kort

Meal bowl 1250 ml

This meal bowl is ideal for (meal) salads or pasta dishes.

  • Material: pet | pp
  • Weight: 242 gram
  • Size: 190 x 195 x 80 mm
Mepal pro

Duo plate

The ideal 700 ml + 350 ml plate for takeaways! Ideal for multicomponent dishes.

  • Material: pet | pp
  • Weight: 333 gram
  • Size: 230 x 225 x 60 mm
Mepal pro

Coffee cup 300 ml

For coffee or tea.

  • Material: pp
  • Weight: 58 gram
  • Size: 75 x 75 x 114 mm

Why choose Mepal Pro?

  • Suitable for frequent use;
  • Recyclable design;
  • A timeless soft look;
  • Customise possibilities.
USP mepal pro


You can contact the export department of Mepal by sending an email

+31 573 820720

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