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Cirqula – for a complete circle of use

After a busy day at work, or after a fun night out, you don’t want to make a fuss. That’s exactly why we designed the Cirqula bowl. You simply place the Cirqula from the freezer in to the microwave (without the lid). And it even looks fantastic out on the table. Finished your meal? Just place it in the dishwasher. A few more great qualities: the Cirqula is leakproof and is made of indestructible material.

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Lovely to take along, the multi bowl

The Cirqula loves to come along with you. Take that delicious soup to work? Or vegetable sticks for on the go? Its leak proof lid enables you to carry it with you, no problem. Ideal for that salad with dressing. Or a tasty soup that you heat up in the microwave. We promise that it really won’t leak. That’s why we offer you a leak proof guarantee.

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The multi bowl for you

  • Leak proof
  • Indestructible
  • For fridge, freezer, dishwasher and microwave
  • Safe to take out of microwave without gloves
  • BPA-free
  • Available in 8 sizes and 6 colours
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A beautifully set table

Did we mention that the Cirqula has many different purposes? You can store food in it and then heat it up again. The Cirqula is also a fabulous serving bowl. For tasty beans, your pasta salad or that lovely fragrant jasmine rice. For a beautifully set table in an instance!

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Storing and taking along made easy

The Cirqula is a specialist in storing and keeping fresh. You see it is airtight and leak proof. Really convenient for taking to school or to work. Did you forget what you put in it? Its transparent window allows you to see what you have stored in your bowl.

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A favourite out of the multi bowl

Cooking in the multi bowl? Absolutely! Our favourite is a nice hot snack: apple with cinnamon. Cut the apple (our favourite is Jonagold) in pieces and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Shake it up in the Cirqula so that it’s all nicely mixed together. Heat up the multi bowl (without the lid) for 35 seconds at 900 Watt and voila, your healthy snack is ready to eat! An added little bonus: your entire kitchen will smell of freshly baked apple pie!

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Also nice to look at

Are you not using your Cirqula bowl right now? They will easily fit in your kitchen cupboard. The 8 sizes of the Cirqula are designed to fit together. Stack them, nice and handy. The Cirqula looks very stylish on your kitchen shelve thanks to its beautiful colours.

Discover the Cirqula sets

cirqula set 3 dlg (500+1000+2000) - nordic green
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set cirqula round 3 pcs (500+1000+2000) - nordic sagecirqula set 3 dlg (500+1000+2000) - nordic blackcirqula set 3 dlg (500+1000+2000) - nordic whitecirqula set 3 dlg (500+1000+2000) - nordic bluecirqula set 3 dlg (500+1000+2000) - nordic green
5 Colours
Multi bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic green
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Multi bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic sageMulti bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic blackMulti bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic whiteMulti bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic blueMulti bowl Cirqula rectangular 3-part set (750+1500+3000) - Nordic green
5 Colours
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