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The key to storage? Leave that up to us! Whether you are after a handy box for the most delicious pasta or for the quiche leftovers to enjoy again the next day when it will be even tastier, Mepal has got it. So, make your life easier and more durable with our extensive collection of storage boxes. A complete family of smart solutions to store food. Great to look at, super handy to use.

Bewaardozen, voorraaddozen, vershoudbakjes: je vindt 't bij Mepal!

Neat shelves

With a little help of our storage boxes, your kitchen shelves and cupboards will always look neat and tidy. So nice, as you can instantly see what you still have.

Our storage boxes

Clear overview in your drawer

Our Modula storage boxes give you an instant view of what’s in your drawer. You see, the boxes have a transparent lid so that you can easily see what you still have in stock. 

Our Modula series

When you are well prepared

You can get the job done quickly! Do you like to prepare your food in advance? Keep your meals in our storage boxes, then you know for certain that it will stay fresh longer!

Our freezer boxes
stora-speciale opbergers

Storing a-la-carte

Whatever storage wishes you may have; we offer a solution. For example with our Stora-series, which consists of storage boxes for crackers, rusks and cookies. The boxes seal airtight, so that you can enjoy all your lovely food longer!

> Stora storage boxes

Modula set

Mepal makes it easy

You probably know all about it: however hard you try, your kitchen drawers stays messy. Little packages and sachets and pots and boxes all jumbled up. The Modula five piece set will put a stop to this! All your stock can be placed in them and then neatly stored away. Even inside the drawer you will be able to check your stock, thanks to the transparent lid. Choose an entire set and you will be organised at once. 

Modula 5-piece set

A beautifully set table

Did we mention that the Cirqula has many different purposes? You can store food in it and then heat it up again. The Cirqula is also a fabulous serving bowl. For tasty beans, your pasta salad or that lovely fragrant jasmine rice. For a beautifully set table in an instance!

Check out the collection

Don’t lose the taste

And store your coffee and tea in a suitable storage box. Airtight sealing is important to keep the genuine taste  as long as possible. This applies to coffee pads and tea bags, but also to coffee beans and ground coffee. Check out our storage favourites for coffee and tea.

Tea Box Round - Acrylic
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Coffee Pad Box - White
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Multi bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic Blush
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Multi bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic Greenmulti bowl cirqula 750 ml - nordic berryMulti bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic Bluemulti bowl cirqula 750 ml - nordic pinemulti bowl cirqula 750 ml - nordic denimMulti bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic BlushMulti bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic BlackMulti bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic LimeMulti bowl Cirqula 750 ml - Nordic White
9 Colours

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