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Avocado show - Amsterdam

A growing request for alternatives to single-use plastic

Since the ban of single-use plastic on July 1st 2023, the Avocado show saw a rise in requests for sustainable alternatives. That’s why the Amsterdam-based company started to introduce the Mepal Pro reusable food bowls for takeaway. Customers can order the bowl with their takeaway food. This way they choose a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. 

Sustainable Team Work

The Avocado Show is now offering Mepal Pro in its restaurants and pick-up locations in Europe. Customers now always have the choice of a more sustainable alternative. At the beginning of the collaboration, we quickly realized that it was a great match between the Avocado Show and Mepal. Since the ban of single-use plastic, we could see a rise in the request for alternatives. The Avocado Show is a frontrunner and we can see other players in the food industry are following our example. With Mepal Pro, we help to lower the use of single-use plastic, and offer a nice alternative.

Duurzame samenwerking


The Avocado Show has chosen to personalize the Mepal Pro bowls with its logo. All products of the Mepal Pro collection can be personalized with a logo, a picture, or a message. This way, each company can fit the Mepal Pro collection to their company style.


Do it sustainable

Mepal Pro is part of Mepal. The products of Mepal are known for their timeless design and longevity. Through that, the products help the customers to make a more sustainable choice. Whether it’s keeping food or leftovers fresh to stop food waste, or drinking bottles to minimize single-use plastic. The Mepal Pro bowls are produced in the Netherlands and put together by workers in social workshops. Most Mepal products are made of 100% recyclable plastic.

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Bumerang Takeaway - Barcelona

A step towards sustainability
In the dynamic world of take-away, Bumerang has established itself as a supplier for reusable packaging in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. Their aim is to create more awareness about the ecological impact of single-use plastic and packaging waste. Here, Mepal Pro acted as a welcome partner.

A Sustainable Leap Forward

In the fast-paced world of takeaway, Bumerang has established itself as a reusable packaging service operator in the social catering sector and on the streets of cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Palma de Mallorca. Their goal is to bring more awareness of the ecological impact of single-use plastics and packaging. This is where Mepal Pro stepped in as a welcome partner.

Bewustzijn creëren met herbruikbare verpakkingen

A Perfect Fit for Every Dish

Bumerang's decision to embrace the Mepal Pro line was based on two critical factors. Firstly, the unique design of these containers, with their circular shape and specific height, offered a versatile solution for various dishes, ranging from salads to soups, main courses, and desserts. Secondly, the lightweight and stackable nature of these containers had a significant impact on large-scale shipments, resulting in substantial reductions in shipping costs.

Een perfecte pasvorm voor elk gerecht

Durability That Stands the Test of Time

These containers have proven to be incredibly resilient. Even after being used over a hundred times, the material remains virtually unscathed, a testament to the quality of Mepal Pro. The prolonged use of these containers further reinforces their sustainability.

Duurzaamheid die de tand des tijds doorstaat

From Kitchen to Consumer

The feedback from Bumerang's customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They even received requests from their customers to offer the containers for direct purchase. The culinary journey has come full circle, allowing not only Bumerang but also their customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. With Mepal Pro as their partner, Bumerang Takeaway SL strengthen their approach, taking a step towards a more sustainable culinary journey without compromising on quality or functionality.

Van keuken tot consument

Zero Impack - Milan

The Sustainable Success Story

In March 2021, Irene and Giulio founded Zero Impack in Milan, driven by a shared passion for environmental awareness, sustainability, and the desire to create a future that aligns with their dreams. This dream is getting closer with the help of Mepal Pro.

The Sustainable Total Package

First and foremost, the quality of Mepal Pro's material aligns perfectly with what Zero Impack was seeking. It is not only extremely durable and strong but also visually appealing, adding undeniable value to the overall package. And let's not forget the logistical benefits. These containers are lightweight and stackable, making transportation and storage a breeze. Additionally, the various sizes and designs of the containers perfectly complement a wide range of dishes.

Het duurzame totaalplaatje

Enhancing Credibility in the Sustainability Movement

Both food suppliers and end-users are highly enthusiastic about Mepal Pro containers. Food suppliers simply love them – the design and texture are quite impressive. It's a whole new experience for them, instantly boosting Zero Impack's credibility in the sustainability movement.

End-users also adore the Mepal Pro line. Not only does it enhance their dining experience, but it also makes them feel good about contributing to a greener planet. No waste, just enjoyment of a responsible lunch. It's a complete upgrade to their lunchtime routine.

Extra geloofwaardigheid in de duurzaamheidsbeweging

Together Toward a Sustainable Future

Zero Impack has chosen Mepal Pro as their primary reusable product. They are the pioneers of a zero-waste food delivery platform, complete with a tracking system. This success is largely thanks to Mepal. In less than nine months, they have saved over 50,000 single-use packages, equivalent to avoiding 10 tons of CO2 emissions. For 2023, they have ambitious plans to expand their reach in Italy and the Netherlands. All credit goes to Mepal because their high-quality products not only elevate the dining experience but also encourage responsible behaviour through top-notch reusable containers.

Samen op weg naar een duurzame toekomst

OPA - Tel Aviv

A taste of a better world with Mepal Pro

OPA Tel Aviv is here to change the way food is delivered and consumed. They present an innovative platform for reusable food packaging, that helps maintain the quality of food while protecting the planet. The choice to use Mepal Pro has added a new dimension to their mission.

Personalizing reusable packaging

Mepal Pro containers are sustainable without compromising on quality. They are leak-proof, retain heat, and are incredibly user-friendly. The ability to personalize the containers was also a valuable feature for OPA, and they received full support from the Mepal team in this regard.

Personaliseren van herbruikbare verpakkingen

With Attention and Care

The quality of Mepal Pro seamlessly aligns with the attention and care that OPA puts into the their mission. It's all about attention to detail, allowing each dish to shine its brightest.

Met aandacht en zorg

A New Dining Experience

The feedback on Mepal Pro is absolutely fantastic. We've been told that dining from Mepal Pro containers provides a completely new dining experience compared to disposable products. This is particularly important to us because we aim not only to offer excellent dishes but also to create an unparalleled dining experience. Mepal containers have fulfilled that goal.

The combination of Mepal Pro and our commitment to sustainability has not only strengthened our business mission but also exceeded our customers' expectations. Mepal Pro represents a seamless fusion of quality and consciousness. Together, we are taking a step toward a better and more sustainable culinary future.

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