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Storing coffee and tea

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Storing coffee and tea

Storing coffee and tea takes some expertise. You see both treats like to get some extra attention to keep their unique taste. For them to stay at their very best they need to be kept in dry and airtight spaces. Two qualities our coffee and tea storage boxes offer!

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Storing coffee and tea
1 Product
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Tips for storing coffee and tea

Storing coffee

Oxygen and moisture are not desirable for coffee. Therefore we advise you to store coffee in a tin that seals securely. The beans will then stay in good condition for two months and ground coffee for about two weeks. Two weeks also applies to the Senseo coffee pads.

Storing tea

Tea cannot endure light and moisture, store tea in dry, cool places in a box or tin that closes securely. Tea will then last for about a year. Also tea has the tendency to take over fragrances and flavours from its surrounding. It is therefore advisable to keep the different kinds of tea separated. In our collection we have tea boxes that are divided up into little sections for all sorts of tea