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Fruit boxes

15 Variants

Fruit boxes

Taking fruit along is easy with the little fruit boxes from Mepal. Pieces of apple, a mandarin, or a fruit salad. It fits perfectly in a fruit box.

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15 Variants


Fruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic sage
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Fruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic sageFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic greenFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic blueFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic denimFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic pinkFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Vivid blueFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Vivid mauveFruit & veggie pot Ellipse - Nordic black
8 Colours


Fruit box Take a Break - Nordic sage
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Fruit box Take a Break - Nordic sageFruit Box Take A Break - Nordic GreenFruit box Take a Break - Nordic blueFruit Box Take A Break - Nordic DenimFruit Box Take A Break - WhiteFruit box Take a Break - Vivid blueFruit box Take a Break - Vivid mauve
7 Colours

For a small appetite

Your youngest son takes an apple to school without a fuss, while your oldest daughter takes a kiwifruit to school. But also for yourself the fruit box from Mepal is ideal. The fruit box has the perfect  size for carrying a small snack. Nice and healthy!

The lid seals the box securely, but is still easy to open with children’s hands. A little fork is included so that their hands won’t get dirty. The fruit boxes are unbreakable and dishwasher.