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Mepal Mio: for little foodies who want to do it themselves!

Cute as they are, your greatest pride and joy is often also your biggest culinary critic. There they sit at the table, a tiny, tyrannical fusspot, examining every forkful, criticising every sip, and stubbornly declaring their independence: Me do it! For demanding diners like yours, Mepal has developed Mepal Mio, a complete range of children's tableware with clever cups, plates, and cutlery, all designed to help small children learn to eat and drink on their own.

Why choose Mepal Mio?

  • For headstrong toddlers, determined preschoolers, and budding bon vivants who just can't get enough.– Mepal Mio is for little foodies who want to do it themselves!
  • All the cups, plates, and cutlery in the range are super robust and can take a knock or two.
  • They've been specially designed for little hands to make them easy for children to use.
  • Clever features in the plates and cups make child's play of learning to eat and drink independently.
  • Mepal Mio is a complete range that supports your child at every stage of their development.
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For their first bites

Me do it! They can, and easily too, with the plates and bowls in the Mepal Mio range! The trainer plate has tall sides that make it easy to scoop up food, even tiny garden peas. The trainer spoon has a short handle, which provides a firm grip for little hands.

Already a step further? The Mepal Mio plate and Mepal Mio bowl are perfect for any child. And do you know what else is great about the Mepal Mio range? All the plates, bowls, and cutlery are made from a material that's super robust and durable. That means they can be passed down for a little brother or sister to enjoy too.

A unique feature of the Mepal Mio plates and bowls is that they can all be safely used in the microwave. So you can heat up a meal in no time!

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For their first (and second) sips

Learning to drink independently often involves a lot of messy dribbles, drips and spills. That's why every cup in the Mepal Mio range is designed to be truly leakproof. On its side or even upside down... not a drop will escape! The Mepal Mio leakproof sippy cup is suitable for ages 6 months and up. Ready for the next step? The straw cup and 360° trainer cup are both suitable for children aged 9 months and up.

These cups have been developed to help promote the healthy development of the mouth and teeth. And all the cups in the Mepal Mio range are transparent, so you can see at a glance how much your child has drunk.

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Mepal Mio children's dinnerware set

First bite, first sip (all by themselves!), first photo of their adorable face covered in mashed banana: all firsts are special. With Mepal children's dinnerware, inquisitive little foodies can explore new tastes and flavours to their heart's content! Discovering new foods is even more fun with the cheerful animal friends printed on each piece. Each set comes in attractive packaging, ready to give as a gift.

Mepal children's dinnerware is made from a super-robust material and all the pieces are dishwasher safe. The plate and bowl can be used in the microwave too. Exploring new flavours is fun with Mepal!

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Mepal Mio: for every new step

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