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For children

Variation is child’s play … with our products for children. For when you are on the go, at the playground, on holiday, on a school trip. And not to forget, at the table. For 30 years you have seen our smart school cups, creative lunch boxes and beautiful children’s dinnerware pass by. Everything is almost indestructible, perfectly suitable for little children’s hands. Always providing them a tasty, nutritious and varied meal. 


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Mepal Mio children's dinnerware

Cute as they are, your greatest pride and joy is often also your biggest culinary critic. There they sit at the table, a tiny, tyrannical fusspot, examining every forkful, criticising every sip, and stubbornly declaring their independence: Me do it! For demanding diners like yours, Mepal has developed Mepal Mio, a complete range of children's tableware with clever cups, plates, and cutlery, all designed to help small children learn to eat and drink on their own.

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Discover our redesigned school products

Whether it's a clever beaker or water bottle, the bento lunch box or our handy fruit box, you'll find it in our collection. Whatever your plans are, you can take us with you. On the road, at school, to the park, at nursery, and on days out. Everything in the Campus collection is super robust and designed so that children can use them independently. And of course, all our bottles and beakers are leakproof!

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Lunchbox with bento tray

A bento tray inside the box separates the items in your lunch and helps keep them fresh. Cubes of cheese, cherry tomatoes, or slices of cream cheese and salmon wrap – they can all be packed in this practical lunch box. The possibilities for adding variety to packed lunches are endless! Would you rather leave out all the extras and 'just' have sandwiches? The bento tray can be removed to make room for four generously filled slices of bread.

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