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The lunch box with compartments - campus

The lunch box with compartments: no more peanut butter on your tangerine!

A bento tray inside the box separates the items in your lunch and helps keep them fresh. Cubes of cheese, cherry tomatoes, or slices of cream cheese and salmon wrap – they can all be packed in this practical lunch box. The possibilities for adding variety to packed lunches are endless! Would you rather leave out all the extras and 'just' have sandwiches? The bento tray can be removed to make room for four generously filled slices of bread.

Three ways to fill your bento lunch box

Whatever your children's favourite foods are, you can create (almost) limitless combinations with the new Mepal lunch box and bento tray.

Dit kan er in je bentobakje

Pack the lunch box with the bento and one sandwich

The bento inside the box allows for almost endless variety. How about a tasty sandwich, plus some carrot sticks and rolled up slices of ham? Or perhaps a hard-boiled egg and some cubes of cheese? Whatever your favourite snack might be, you can take it with you (along with your sandwiches) in the bento!

Discover the lunch box with bento tray
Dit kan er in je bentobakje

Pack the lunch box with the bento tray and our fruit box

Are you a grazer who prefers lots of little snacks and nibbles to a big lunch? Combine the bento tray with our handy fruit box. They both fit perfectly inside the lunch box. Now you can take a selection of nibbles with you and a portion of fruit. The fruit box has enough room for one large piece of fruit or two smaller ones.


Everything together in one lunch box
Dit kan er in je bentobakje

Pack your lunch box with... sandwiches!

Are you a real bread lover? The bento tray is removable, leaving room for lots of tasty sandwiches. Add interest to your sandwiches with colourful fillings like leafy green salad and red tomatoes. That way, even without all the little extras, you can create a real feast in your lunch box!

See the lunch box in different colours

Why choose the lunch box with bento tray?

  • Limitless variety
  • Includes a handy fork
  • Designed for children's hands
  • Super robust
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe



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