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Symbols on products

Symbolen op producten

When you purchase a Mepal product, you'll see it has various symbols on it. What the symbols mean isn't always clear to everyone. We want you to be able to understand the information on your products, so here’s an explanation of what these symbols mean.

Symbol: product is safe to eat or drink from

This symbol simply tells you that the products are 100% safe to eat or drink from. Bon appetit!

Symbol: product is guaranteed BPA-free

This symbol indicates that the product is 100% BPA-free and does not contain Bisphenol-A. This means that the product is completely safe to eat or drink from.

All Mepal products are BPA-free!

Symbol: recyclable

This symbol means that the product is easy to disassemble, and the separate parts can be recycled into raw materials.

Symbol: safe/not safe for dishwashers

This symbol indicates if and how you should clean the product in the dishwasher. Very occasionally, the icon will have a cross through it to tell you that you should only clean the product by hand.

Symbol: can be used in the steam oven

With this icon we indicate that the product is suitable for the steam oven, up to a maximum temperature of 100 °C.

Symbol: microwave safe

This symbol shows whether you can put your product in the microwave. If there is a cross through it, the product cannot be used in the microwave. This is often because the material the product is made from should not be heated in this way. Quite a few of our products are not suitable for use in the microwave, so you will often see this icon with a cross through it.

Symbol: can you put it in the freezer?

This icon indicates whether the product can be used in the freezer. Sometimes, certain materials crack when they are frozen. In this case, you'll see the symbol with a cross through it on your product.

Symbol: what is the maximum safe temperature for the product?

These icons tell you the maximum safe temperature that your product can withstand. You'll see a thermometer and the number of degrees in both Celsius  and Fahrenheit. Not  all of our products are heat resistant, so we have several versions of this icon.