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We recommend that you don't try to remove the rim from the lid of your storage box. This could damage the lid. Sometimes, water can get trapped in the lid of Modula storage boxes during cleaning. Tapping the lid against the palm of your hand a few times should remove any remaining drops of water.

Cracks in your Modula storage box are likely to be caused by "Environmental Stress Cracking". This is one of the most common causes of cracks and splits in plastic.

You can prevent this by not exposing your Modula storage boxes to extreme fluctuations in temperature, moisture and high temperatures . We advise using a dishwasher programme no hotter than 65-70ºC.

We recommend a maximum of 2 minutes at 700 watts for the Cirqula multi bowl. It's also important to stir the contents regularly to ensure that they are heated evenly.

We are often asked if the Mepal Cirqula multi bowl's lid is microwave safe. It's an obvious question since the bowl itself can be used in the microwave. Unfortunately, the lid cannot.

Why can't the Cirqula lid be put in the microwave?

The multi bowl's lid is not suitable for the microwave because of the material it is made from. Temperature differences in a microwave oven can cause this material to expand or shrink, which means the lid may not form a perfect seal afterwards.

The best way to close and seal the Cirqula multi bowl is to lift the rim a little while pressing down on the lid. This allows some of the air to escape, creating a slight vacuum, which makes the lid fit more securely.