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On-the-go | lunch products

Here are some useful tips to help you ensure that your insulated product lasts as long as possible:

  • Clean the product before you use it for the first time.
  • To ensure that you can enjoy your coloured stainless-steel product for as long as possible, we recommend washing it by hand.
  • The plastic components and the brushed stainless-steel parts are all dishwasher safe.
  • Store the product open, with the lid off.
  • We do not recommend using these products for keeping milk or baby formula warm.
  • Our insulated products are not suitable for use in the oven or microwave.
  • To help your drink stay hot or cold for longer, rinse the inside of the product with hot or cold water before use.

Our insulated products will keep food and drinks hot or cold for hours. Whether you are always busy and on the go or just want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee that doesn't go cold before you can drink it, the products in our insulated range are just the thing!

To ensure that your favourite drink stays hot or cold for as long as possible, we recommend the following:

  • To keep your drink hot, fill the cup or bottle with hot (tap) water and let it stand for a while before you fill it with your hot drink.
  • To keep your drink cold, fill the cup or bottle with cold (tap) water and let it stand for a while before you fill it with your cold drink. To make your drink extra cold, add some ice cubes. This will help keep it refreshingly cold for longer.
  • The insulated lunch pot can be used the same way. To keep it as hot or cold as possible, fill it with ice-cold or hot water before you use it.

Pre-rinsing/filling helps by bringing the product up to temperature a little first. This helps to make sure that your hot or cold drink or food stays at the desired temperature for longer.

You can enjoy a hot or cold lunch even if you don't have access to a fridge or microwave, thanks to our insulated lunch pot.  But what's the best way to make sure your food stays hot or cold for as long as possible?

  • How long your food stays hot or cold depends on the type of food, the quantity, and its starting temperature. For example, lukewarm pasta will not hold its heat for as long as piping hot soup.
  • A full lunch pot will stay hot or cold longer than a pot that is only half full. That's because there's less air inside, and air heats up and cools down faster than your lunch does.
  • You can help to maintain the temperature for longer by rinsing the pot with hot or very cold water before you use it. Doing so significantly reduces the difference in temperature between your lunch pot and your meal.
  • Your meal will stay hot in the insulated lunch pot for a maximum of 6 to 8 hours. It will stay cold for up to 12 hours.

Fun tip: How about a delicious boiled egg at lunchtime?  The insulated lunch pot can take care of that for you! Fill your insulated lunch pot with boiling water and add up to two eggs. Leave the eggs in the lunch pot for at least two hours. Two hours later, you'll have perfectly cooked eggs, lovely and hot! 


If you have tea or coffee stains in your insulated product, we have two tips that will help you remove them:

Tip 1: Dissolve a dishwasher tablet in hot/boiling water and leave it in the product for 24 hours. Then wash the product by hand or in the dishwasher.

You can repeat this process a few times if necessary. Never use anything abrasive like cream cleaners or scouring pads. This will damage the product and make stains build up even faster.

Tip 2: Add a squirt of lemon juice to the product and fill it with boiling water. Let it stand for 24 hours. You can repeat this process a few times if necessary. Afterwards, brush off the deposits with a washing-up brush.

Use a thin tea towel to dry the water bottle. A thin tea towel will fit through the narrow neck, so you can dry the inside. Another option is to wash the water bottle by hand, rinse it well with warm water, then store it with the cap off, allowing the bottle to air dry.