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Nice to meet you. We are Mepal

Welcome to our world, full of bright ideas and innovative solutions. Products that make life a little simpler and easier.

We've been making smart (plastic) products for storing and serving food and drinks since our company's early days. We have a long tradition of developing products in-house, from design to manufacture. Products packed with clever features that make them a pleasure to use, every day.

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We have been present for 70 years

In the ‘50 we started making smart plastic products for storing food. That’s how we have been present at many beautiful moments. Because our designs are timeless. Did you know that the Basic dinnerware has existed since 1976? And who knows, maybe even you took our lunchbox to school? Or maybe your child? The school series has been around for 30 years!

Timeless and durable beauty

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a bit of a buzzword lately, and everyone wants to do their bit. At Mepal, we've been doing our bit for years. Because we care about making products that are good for people and good for the environment too.

Sometimes what we do feels like a drop in the ocean, but even so, we're convinced that every little bit really does help. And if everyone else does their bit, all those little bits can make a big difference!

So, we are durable

Our products are durable. They last for years. And have you lost a part? Then we can provide you with a replacement of it. So you can enjoy your products even longer. And together we will help to prevent unnecessary waste. Spare parts are available for almost all our products. When using our lunch boxes, water bottles, storage boxes and other products you will need less disposable packaging. That too is durable!

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