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Bloom dinnerware – too lovely to keep just for outdoors!

Plastic dinnerware so stylish that you'll want to use it indoors too? That's the new Bloom range from Mepal. The pieces all have a unique, matte, speckled finish. The four colours complement each beautifully when they're mixed & matched. All qualities that make them ideal for intimate dinners on your patio, sultry summer barbecues, or fun family picnics. Can't wait for the warmer weather? Use your Bloom dinnerware indoors!

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More than just plastic plates

The Bloom range is the ideal dinner service for outdoors, but it's so much more than that. It's a cosy evening with friends or a romantic dinner for two. It's a fun picnic in the park or a family Sunday lunch. It's enjoying meals in style. Wherever you might be.

Combine your dinnerware with the stylish Bloom cutlery set. It's available in seven colours, so there's always a set to match your plates!

Meer dan een buitenservies
bloom als bloem

Bloom in bloom

The name of our latest line of outdoor tableware wasn’t just a random choice. The range was inspired by the elegance of a majestic, blossoming lotus flower. Each layer of petals falls perfectly above the one below so that every individual petal is shown off beautifully. Just like our Bloom range. Where each individual piece fits precisely into the layer below it to form an elegant whole. Exactly like a lotus blossom.

Bloom dinnerware comes in a range of natural colours that can be combined to create a stylish overall look. Guaranteed to add elegance to any table!

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Mix & Match with Bloom

Yellow with green, green with white, white with black... Whatever your style, our Bloom range will suit it! Combine the pieces however you want and mix & match to your heart's content. Have you chosen your favourites already?

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The advantages of our Bloom outdoor dinnerware

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Unique matte, speckled finish
  • Lightweight and scratch-resistant
  • Super-robust and durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
bloom usp's

Years of experience

Did you know that Mepal has been making plastic dinnerware since 1976? We've brought out many lines and designs over the years, all with the most important hallmarks of a Mepal product: strength and durability. Our plastic tableware ranges are scratch-resistant and lightweight, perfect for meals outdoors. We're confident that you'll be able to enjoy using them for many years!


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Mix & Match with Bloom

breakfast plate bloom 240 mm - pebble green
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breakfast plate bloom 240 mm - pebble greenbreakfast plate bloom 240 mm - pebble whitebreakfast plate bloom 240 mm - pebble blackbreakfast plate bloom 240 mm - pebble yellow
4 Colours
mug bloom 300 ml - pebble yellow
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mug bloom 300 ml - pebble greenmug bloom 300 ml - pebble whitemug bloom 300 ml - pebble blackmug bloom 300 ml - pebble yellow
4 Colours
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